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Updated: This page is for setting up a dedicated Quake3Arena server. This page isn't perfect. It is designed to give a server admin, that's you btw, a quick resource to ramp up your knowledge of setting up and administrating dedicated servers without wasting time searching and scanning the web for answers to simple questions.

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This is how you do it Just remember when you save these off to remove the. TXT extension from the end of the file name. If you want a local server with bots I believe the client pak is the one to get. If the directory doesn't exist, make it. Example, the ctf. Also, take the "start" out if running on a Win9x box. Majorly cool port. Here's a link to the beta site.


It's being updated currently atleast once a week. Q3 likes to save defined variables in q3config. Therefore, if you start playing around with settings on one server, and load another server expecting defaults, dont be surprised if you see settings that were defined on one server but not defined in the other server. Well I didn't get all of the references out These are basically copies of the ones we use for the clan servers. Use this table of contents as a quick reference.

If this is your first time creating a server config then I highly recommend reading over the entire document. Intro - Server tips and considerations. WindowsNT Start Command 2. Setting an alternate server port 3. Setting server passwords 4. Private server clients 5. Changing Maps without losing the map rotation 6. Kicking a player 9. Keeping a CTF server balanced Starting a match. Server Command Reference. User Submitted Tips. Using "sets" to set serverinfo information.

Copyright and Contacting.Any tactics for Q3dm18 SP on Nightmare? Trying to complete the single player mode in nightmare difficulty, I'm stuck at Q3dm The bots most of the time, Major reach 20 in no time, can't keep up I've been trying over and over but the best rank I got is 3rd Anyone has some tips to share? Yeah, you have to watch out for Major in this one, just like DM I think the action happens mostly on one edge of the map where there is a semi-circular tall shaft and a vertical launch pad.

Bots will jump on that repeatedly and will get fragged mid-air by whoever is in the area. I think that's how Major gets many frags really quickly. Your best bet is to be around that area, on the top of that shaft.

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It's still not going to be easy but you could steal some frags from her this way. There is also a ledge nearby with 2 stairs leading up it from each side. That area is pretty traveled by bots as well. You could score some frags there if you can handle the railgun. And it is pretty close, so you don't have to travel far to cover both of these locations.

Yes I just played a game where I ended up 2nd with 19 frags god damn! I feel I'm close to complete it but god damn you have to be perfect The next couple of maps are pretty easy by comparison, if I remember correctly.

You'll probably be alright until you meet Xaero :. He is so accurate with the railgun and over such long distances that it feels a bit unfair. By the time you see him, it's usually already too late. After many frustrating attempts, I discovered a way to defeat him by being smarter than him and used that strategy every time I did that map.

Yeah I'm used to it, I've been playing instagib 1v1 against him for years. Just for the sake of rail practice And that's a damn good training, even tho I've beaten him a lot, lot less than he did. God damn I'm down to the last level against xaero, Jesus Christ this is something else Sometimes I can't even see where he is, and I'm already dead! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Quake 3 Arena Servers (1-25 of 501)

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Want to add to the discussion?Deathmatch maps. It's a very simple level, with two main rooms connected by a small branching corridor. The outdoor room has a rocket launcher, some armor shards and health, while the indoor room has a plasma gun, red armor, and some more health.

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In the corridor lies health and a shotgun. It's a simple map, although as would be expected the outdoor room with the rocket launcher tends to lead to "king of the mountain" type scenarios. The rocket launcher is in a closed room, and there is a moat-filled passage leading through the center of the arena which leads to a red armor and some health.

Quake 3 Arena - Me vs. Bots on Nightmare mode

In the area above the internal moat is a platform where there is ammunition, a shotgun, and the haste powerup spawn point. Q3DM3 : Arena of Death This is a fairly modest two-level arena, with the red armor on the top catwalk, and the main weapon respawn alternating between the rocket launcher and the plasma gun. It also contains the first appearance of the grenade launcher; it is located on the diametrically opposite side of the arena, in a dark alcove. Q3DM4 : The Place of Many Deaths This is an interesting arena with a quad damage respawn point, and an upper level which can be reached with stairs which contains a rocket launcher.

The lower level contains a plasma gun and shotgun. Q3DM5 : The Forgotten Place This is a two-level arena with an upper catwalk which contains red armor, a lower level which spans through several large rooms, and several tight corridors. The rocket launcher is contained in a small, vulnerable alcove in the main room; the plasma gun is to be had in the other major room. Q3DM6 : The Campgrounds This relatively large arena has pretty much everything -- numerous upper levels, a precarious walk over some isolated mesas to get the red armor, ammunition, and the personal teleporter, and an extensive central room which contains a quad damage at its base and a rocket launcher at the top accessible from below via a bounce pad.

This one is complex enough to make for a very interesting battle, but not so large that players can't find each other. This is a well-rounded level with a lot of interesting areas. The main area contains a catwalk over a lava moat, a railgun, and a quad damage respawn point, and has a small area beyond the lava moat which leads to an isolated room with the mega health and a gate.

Another major nexus is the wide room with the overlying catwalk containing the rocket launcher, a personal teleporter, and a trigger which opens a gate in the floor to an underground area with a cache of health, armor, and red armor.

This underground passage leads to yet another major area, an open area which contains the rocket launcher and a plasma gun. Finally, there is a room with a sloping corridor that contains some green health and a plasma gun, and is the point the isolated gate takes you to.

Most noteworthy is that, in the place you might expect a flag, is a powerup respawn point that alternates between the quad damage and invisibility. There is a central, relatively deep moat, which contains some health and the red armor, and is surrounded by several levels and a bounce pad.

Q3DM9 : Hero's Keep This is an example of arena that looks a lot larger than it is, although fog of death hazards are ubiquitous. There are only three significant rooms in this arena, connected by narrow corridors: a room with an acceleration pad back and forth to a small, isolated platform which contains the rocket launcher; a room featuring an acceleration pad to the railgun and another clever sequence of bounce pads which lead to a high-placed platform containing the red armor; and a rather nondescript room which contains the plasma gun and some health.

Q3DM10 : The Nameless Place This arena is a rather large, complex maze of corridors and stairs and shafts, surrounding a main, exposed hallway which contains the yellow armor leading to a tight T-junction where the rocket launcher rests. Perched on various catwalks and ledges are red armor, a plasma gun, and a lightning gun. This one's large but has lots of things to do: a rocket launcher surrounding a partial moat of slime, a plasma gun leading to an empty cliff with a bounce pad in the middle that can get you to a hovering mega health, and a curious hidden passage that leads through a gate to the quad damage, but also an instant barrage of automated grenade fire get it and run!

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It is relatively large, and has it all: sniping points coupled with antisniping pointsan underwater passage leading to a regeneration powerup, nearly every weapon in the Quake III Arena arsenal, and acceleration and bumper pads galore. This arena even contains the first appearance of the BFG perched in a room accessible either via teleporter or the underwater passage.See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive.

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See System Requirements for details. Everyone Microsoft Tips Microsoft Corporation Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 div. If you're new to Windows, you'll be using apps and settings like a pro in no time.

And even if you've been using Windows forever, you'll discover new and updated features (and maybe some tricks you never knew). We'll update the app frequently, so check back to see what's new.

Windows Central Rating: 4. Approximate download size 25. It's easy to navigate, and everything is clear and concise. Still trying to learn. Everything is done so fast that makes learning difficult for many of us.

Microsoft, you keep getting better and better. I'm 70 years old. I wasn't born knowing this stuff. An enormous waste of time. None of these features are any more useful than the original Windows 10, which I barely use because I can't figure THAT out either. If you are going to add stuff to a program, you need to realize we're not all kids who were born with a mouse in one hand and a laptop in the other.

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I put off this useless upgrade as long as I could -- and then I only caved when Trend Micro said I needed to bring all my security up-to-date with Windows as a precaution due to the ransomware going around.

I clicked that, and here I am -- in Neverland again.

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