Dcs vr spotting

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Dcs vr spotting

Have been flying in VR for well over a year now. Even when I do this, it just feels weird to fly in 2D. VR for DCS is actually awesome!

I am going to take you thru the steps that I took to set my gaming rig up for VR. My VR system of choice is the Oculus Rift.

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If you plan on running VR your system should also meet the recommended requirements for it. If you have specs close to this, this will be the perfect tutorial for you. And I will go ahead and throw this out there.

That would not be a fair assessment. So from this if you are using anything less than a or Vega 64 I would highly recommend you upgrade your hardware before making the switch over to DCS World in VR. The first thing I would like you to remember is the number This is going to be our sweet spot when it comes to FPS frames per second. This will allow for silky smooth game play and will decrease motion sickness if you are prone to that.

Above is a screenshot of the settings I currently use. IF you are using anything less than a Ti you will need to make some adjustments. Many of these settings will affect your FPS but the major frame killers are. Again, if your using anything less than a you will need to bring down your settings. You are going to have to play around with these setting a lot.

Sorry folks you better get with it. The new minimal ram for gaming will soon be 16GB. That is the lowest setting we can set in DCS World. If you do not have it yet, please go and download.

Here is where we are going to set your PD pixel density. You can play around with this but I find that a PD of 1. Anything over this you can not really tell a difference visually but you will take a performance hit the higher PD you decide to use.

We need to check a settings in our Nvidia control panel. And that is it. I can not stress this enough so I will say this one final time. If you are using anything less than a you ARE going to need to lower your settings to get the sweet number of 45 FPS. Until next time.

Good day, I bought a vr HP Reverb, works fine on my pc but I cannot connect it with dcs, can you give advice? Login Create Account. Editor: Element 9. The Magic Number is 45 The first thing I would like you to remember is the number November 22, The Rift S has many levels of Sim Pilots as owners. The setup here attempts to ensure a good initial experience for just about anyone running a Rift S on their system.

Experienced VR pilots may not find a lot of new info in this posting. For new Pilots, it will get you flying quickly and start more tuning from here. The following setup works to maintain that simplicity. OTT gives you on-the-fly change capabilities for tuning your experience.

Your rig may be able to run up to 1. Past 2. Smoothness comes from Low FrameTimes generally in the low to mid-teens. Using this as you adjust your in-game settings or OTT settings will show you visually what trade-offs you just made. The first thing you need to do is click the VR Button on the bottom right.

The consolidated information here is made possible by the pilots in JTF-1 and in the DCS community whose curiosity and dedication to our hobby lead the way to the best experiences. This is their effort consolidated into a workable document. We hope you can benefit from the collective brainpower. Carry On! Anything other than native resolution is a degraded picture.

If you want all the pixels, then you cannot add the eye candy. We compromise and we have good tools to strike a balance of pixels to see things at a distance and pixels mushed together to see circles and stop the sparkly things. This in-game tool suite was built for flat screens before 4K or 8K and ti cards to push pixels through the pipe.

You can use the built-in Steam Frametime display to show you how much you are degrading your smoothness. You may find yourself in a lot of Orange with Red spikes, still smooth but with variable play.

This is where Reprojection can smooth things out. There is a file change that allows you to turn this on and control Steam Reprojection, seen later in this doc. Try not to run with lots of Red.

Using SteamVR as much as you can for tuning will save you cycles for gameplay and turning on more eye candy. SteamVR adds a multiplier factor of 1. Get the rez display here as close to your native rez as you can. Then, using your new benchmark start tuning for clarity of view and smoothness using your tools.

dcs vr spotting

Not both. Both is a multiplier and will zap your horsepower ASAP. PD does essentially the same thing in DCS but not as efficiently. Read More. I spent the time sometimes weeks to get them as tuned as I could for a direct comparison of clarity and overall effectiveness when in DCS.

Flight Simulation graphics engine requirements are vastly different than the VR games being presented generally in the Oculus Portal and on Steam. The Comparative Chart on this site includes my tested experiences. My thoughts and answers are geared to this genre and purpose. For Simulation Pilots, that marketing perspective is not relevant to your needs of running a Flight Simulator.

The marketing tag about how clear the Oculus Rift S is compared to the Rift CV-1 is focused on low-res portal games with low polygon counts.Any DCS World keys purchased from other sources are invalid and are simply trying to re-sell keys that are bound to other users or purchased through fraud. If you purchase DCS World keys from these sites, we cannot help you. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund.

User Name. Remember Me? Dear users! Spotting Aircraft. Just wondering if any of you have any tweaks to help improve spotting. I play on x, everything on highest graphics settings, yet I have tremendous trouble spotting aircraft even a few miles away. The only time I ever see them is if they are high up and creating trails.

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Is there anything you guys do to make spotting easier, or is it just a matter of my eyes sucking? To be honest, I've heard people complain about this, but I haven't had any issues myself, in VR which is supposed to be even worse. I have the model enlargement setting can't remember what it's called just now set at medium.

dcs vr spotting

I can spot fighters like the FC some way off - well out of gun range. I can't always recognise which aircraft it is, but I can see that it is there, quite easily. This is on the standard VR settings in the options, with textures on high.

Find More Posts by Brixmis. Originally Posted by Brixmis. Spotting is something that is initially very hard to do in DCS, but eventually people get better at it. A lot of it is down to the hardware people use both monitors and GFX cards and the settings. If you get shot down, it's because you suck.

You and me, we know we suck, and that makes it ok. Originally Posted by DefaultFace. By hardware, I don't mean a performance issue. For example my own monitor has a terrible color gamut, the colors look all washed out compared to how they look on my big screen TV. Which is a Plasma.Crotone were only 3 points above relegation. Preview Torino striker,november 2018: A gradual improvement will be visible in matters of finance and relationship.

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How I Setup My Gaming System for DCS World in VR

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dcs vr spotting

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